Private Party Event

It’s your turn to have a Private Party Event. Maybe it’s your Birthday or time for your Bachelorette Party. Need a  Team Building Party? Or maybe,  just get together with your friends. Host a Fine Art Fair or Fundraiser. Whatever your Private Party Event theme, book it today at the Makay Art Center or at an offsite location and find out how we can come to you.  Please contact us early for availability in order to secure your date and time. Please note that we are unable to do a private party event in a private home.

The Makay Art Center has colorful versatility for a variety of groups in ages and sizes.  Set-up, clean-up, special activities and projects (subject to approval), painting materials, music, digital photos and art instructors are all included in the price.  Although pricing does not include food and beverages, you are more than welcome to order in, bring in your own or for an extra fee ask us to take care of it for you.  Take a look at our Art Gallery for some painting project ideas and together we can create a unique art project just for you and your special guests.

Painting Surfaces for a Private Party Event: Choose the surface for your party. We offer canvas, glass, wood, paper and ceramic surfaces. If you have an idea for a surface or even a multi-media painting project, let us know. We are always open to suggestions.

Time for an April Spring Special!

During the months of April 2017, I Paint Today will be offering SPECIAL pricing for private parties that are hosted at the Makay Art Center and booked during the month of April for April, May or June of 2017. Together, we will create a unique and memorable painted art experience that everyone will enjoy and talk about for years to come. You might choose the piece of art for your party from many of the artworks in our gallery. Although most glass painting, paper crafts and ceramic figures are not shown in our gallery, they are available for our April Spring Special. If you are interested in a project or surface you do not see, please mention this when you contact us. Whether the event is for children as young as 2 years old, an office of team-building associates or adults celebrating a 95th Birthday, we do our very best to be creative and accommodating.

Keep in mind, most of the time, there is no additional cost for a new design or project concept.  We do this all the time! Although, we reserve the right to charge a small nominal fee for this service, it is our goal to personalize your party in order to make this an event you, your family, friends, coworkers etc… will always remember! Contact I Paint Today to make a reservation and secure your booking today!

Special Private Party Event Pricing is valid when you secure your party date and time during the month of April. Please feel free to book for the months of April, May or June. Please note: I Paint Today will be closed for most of the month of July 2017. The following private party time slots are subject to availability.

  • Saturdays: Afternoons 1:30pm-3:30pm (Check calendar for availability)
  • Sundays: Afternoons 3:00pm-5:00pm (Check calendar for availability)
  • Monday thru Friday: Special arrangements are possible by contacting us for availability

NOTE: To see the studio or speak with us in person please Contact us to set an appointment. We do not have regular walk-in hours.

Adult Parties Special Pricing Discounts for the I Paint Today Location Only

  • 10-24 people $40 per person (up to $55 normally)
  • 25-40 people $36 per person (up to $50 normally)
  • 40 is the maximum number of adult painters for our studio events

Kids Parties Special Pricing Discounts for the I Paint Today Location Only

  • 10-24 kids $29 per kid ($40 normally)
  • 25-40 kids $27 per kid ($38 normally)
  • 40 is the maximum number of child painters for our studio events.

See below for additional information and deposit requirements.


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Adult Private Party Event Pricing For Onsite and Offsite Locations

  • $55 per person onsite (10-19 people) – not applicable for offsite
  • $50 per person onsite (20-30 people) – $55 per person offsite (25-40 people)
  • $40 per person onsite (31-40 people) – $52 per person offsite (25-49 people)
  • not applicable for onsite – $50 per person offsite (50 or more people)

Children’s Private Party Event Pricing For Onsite and Offsite Locations

  • $40 per person onsite (10-14 people) – not applicable for offsite
  • $38 per person onsite (15-19 people) – not applicable for offsite
  • $35 per person onsite (20-24 people) – $40 per person offsite (20-24 people)
  • $32 per person onsite (25-40 people) – $38 per person offsite (25-49 people)
  • not applicable for onsite – $35 per person for offsite (50 or more people)

Additional Information

  • We provide a private party room, the instructor, all painting materials, and music.
  • No set up, no clean up – just show up!
  • Minimum of 10 people required. (Minimum of 20 people for offsite locations)
  • Bring your own food, beverages and decorations. Food, beverages and/or decorations can be provided and set up for an additional charge by us. However, if you bring your own, we will help you set it up.
  • Some activities may require and addition charge. We are limited to only our imagination and welcome suggestions.

Deposit Tier

A deposit is required at the time of booking and full payment must be received 7 days prior to the event.

  • $150 for 10-24 projected painters at the studio – *$150 for 20-24 painters in an offsite location
  • $300 for 25-40 projected painters at the studio – *$300 for 25-49 painters in an offsite location
  • $500 for 50 or more projected painters – *$500 for 50 or more painters in an offsite location
  • There is an additional charge of $50 for an offsite location for travel expenses.Unfortunately we do not issue deposit or balance refunds.  If you find that you are unable to have your party on a booked date, you can notify us up to 72 hours prior to the event and change the date subject to availability or receive a full credit that will be good for 6 months toward another event.  Notification of cancellation must be received no later than 72 hours prior to the event via email at  If you do not change your event date or cancel your scheduled event at least 72 hours prior to the date the event is scheduled, then you will not receive a credit from our location.

NOTE: When reporting the final count for the balance calculation, we suggest you only include those people who have told you they are definitely coming to your event. We suggest you do not include the people that have not given you an RSVP or the people who have said “maybe.” For the people who say “yes” at the last minute and arrive at the party but have not been calculated in the final balance, we will calculate the additional cost at the price tier at which time you booked the private party event and have you take care of the extra balance at the beginning of your party.

Children’s Painting Party Rules

Once supervising adult must be present at all times during a children’s party.  However, we recommend that one adult is present for every five children. Supervisors may paint with the party for the same cost per child. If the supervisors paint, they may be counted in the total number of painters.

Example 1: 8 children painting + 2 adult supervisors painting = a party of 10

Example 2: 9 children painting + 1 adult supervisor painting and 1 adult supervisor not painting = a party of 10 (although 11 people are present)

We have a wide variety of children’s paintings for you to choose from.

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