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MAKERSPACE GAME DAY with Creepy Hollow's Mikey Johns, Amherst NH


Join us for this Frostgrave Miniature Game Play with  Maker Space!

Seating for this game is limited to only 6 people!! Walk-ins welcome!

Join us for this Frostgrave Miniature Game Play with  Maker Space!

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morning session 10am-1pm
afternoon session 2pm - 5pm

Welcome to a collaborative effort between tabletop gamers and makers in their element. Join us for a day of gaming.

Game masters will have larger than life “board” games setup depicting History, Fantasy and Science Fiction. Many of the terrain elements you will see on these boards can be (and some were) made right here in the Makerspace.
If this event gains popularity We may add some workshops, round tables and presentations at future game days.
Questions? Please message Dave Valentine at Makerspace Facebook Group!

System- Pikeman's Lament and Dragon Rampant
# of Players 2 to 6
Description: Amroth the Blue Dragon has grown tired of human encroachment on the lands he claims by the humans. He has made alliances with other monstrous creatures and is leading them in a counter attack against the encroaching humans. The Human king has rallied his soldiers, vassals and allies to defend the lands they claim.

Kid Friendly: Yes.

Join the Raid on Helver's Hollow - whether you are on the attack or mounting the defense it will be a hot time in the old town tonight! (I mean in the morning).

Kid Friendly Yes.

Pancho Villa 1916 skirmish game (28mm)

WW 2 15mm kampfgroup commander 2. British vs Germans in Normandy.

Battle of Kursk
The Battle of Kursk was a World War II engagement between German and Soviet forces on the Eastern Front near Kursk (450 kilometers or 280 miles southwest of Moscow) in the Soviet Union during July and August 1943. The German offensive was code-named Operation Citadel and led to one of the largest armored clashes in history, the Battle of Prokhorovka. The German offensive was countered by two Soviet counter offensives, Operation Polkovodets Rumyantsev and Operation Kutuzov. For the Germans, the battle represented the final strategic offensive they were able to mount in the east. For the Soviets, the decisive victory gave the Red Army the strategic initiative for the rest of the war.
This game takes place during one of the Soviet counterattacks.

The rules used are GHQ Microarmour WWII
Ground scale is 1” = 100 yards
One stand = one platoon of 3-5 tanks

Makerspace Game Day Afternoon Session: 2pm - 5pm

Clash of the Titans as steam walkers, cavalry, an artillery duke it out for control of a mine head shaft rumored to lead to a deep vein of gold!
Kid Friendly Yes.

2-8 players
Scenario: the year is 2018, almost 20 years since the Earths collapse at the hand of Martians. There is no internet, but there is network controlled tv... and the most popular show is Gaslands. A race to the death where the winner gets a one way ticket off Earth to Mars where they will live like a rock star...reality tv at its finest.   Strap in and hang on for a wild ride
Kid Friendly Yes.

“Calm before the Storm” with Creepy Hollow’s Mikey Johns
4-6 players

Explore a frozen city in search or fame and glory!"

Warhammer 40K 8E

Orcs have invaded the planet Catachan. An agrie world of some importance 2 orc warbosses with face off against 2 of the finest imperial generals in the lowland jungles.

WW2 NUTS (15mm) skirmish game

Sicily D-Day +5. Your Recon Squad has been ordered to check out the hill town of San Pasqualli.

There will also be makers on hand to give tours and explain a bit about the Makerspace that is available to anyone who joins.

$5.00 per person (includes both sessions)
Again, any Questions? Please message Dave Valentine at Makerspace Facebook Group!

We are sorry but registration for this event is now closed.

Please contact us if you would like to know if spaces are still available.


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Maxie Makay Method

Stage I:  My No Fear Zone

In this stage, you will learn and practice a variety of basic techniques. When you learned how to read and write, you had to start with the alphabet, right? Painting is no different.

Stage II:  I Think I Can!

In this stage, you will continue to practice the basic techniques previously learned while beginning to learn how to “See beyond your fingertips and beyond the paint.” In this stage it’s hard to contain your excitement as you learn techniques for converting your emotions and feelings into your very own personal masterpiece.

Stage III:  I’ve Got It Now!

In this stage, your personal style begins to emerge as the paint you apply to the canvas becomes your very own personal partner. Given your previous practice and knowledge, you will learn how to interpret your paints color and stroke techniques to see into the future. At this stage you will learn techniques to teach you how to let the paint you have previously applied to the canvas alter your own painting to create a personal story all your own! As you become one with your paint, you and your partner create your very own destiny. All of your masterpieces become unique to you. It is here you truly begin to develop your own personal style.


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