One mile out from shore, the ice ..." Read >> Lake Winnie Ice Fishing Update December 15, 2020. Just like everybody else who planned to fish north of the border, they were never allowed to make the trip. "Fish are scattered all around on the lakes this week. For me, a scheduled snowmobile ride on Winnibigoshish got postponed because there wasn’t enough snow. "We’ve had some success using a lot of presentations but haven’t seen any one of them really stand out. Resorts have fish houses out and good numbers of walleyes and saugers being caught. I expect that the next time I drive that way, I’ll see fishing shelters on the lake. By bowhuntingboy1, May 12, 2019 in Forest Lake-Cambridge-Elk River-Hinckley-Lindstrom-Rush City Fishing Reports - Hunting - Events. Pike fishing has remained good, but angler interest has fallen off. We have found as little as 8 inches on deeper larger bodies, but average ice across the area is ranging from 13’ to 20’ of “good and solid” ice. Please enable Cookies and reload the page. In this video, Outdoor News help clear up the issue so you can plan your trips as we get closer to the 2020 Minnesota Fishing Opener. CO Demosthenes Regas (Blackduck) reports working trapping and angling activity on special-regulation lakes throughout this past week. I mentioned yesterday that I’d been soliciting information about lodges, resorts and bait shops about their current plans for the fishing season opener. I have had good fishing this fall, getting the crappies suspended over deeper holes, pretty much same areas I ice fish. The reason tungsten is preferred over the 1/32 oz. "Happy New Year!  Cheers to 2021 and many fun adventures on the ice and open water for all reading this! Conditions still vary from 2-7 inches of ice being reported by anglers. Mark Doll wrote; Q) "After reading your reports for several years, I believe you take a snowmobile ride up to the Northwest Angle from the South shore, typically every year. Northern Pike anglers fishing large suckers, large shiners and large smelt have been reporting a excellent tip up bite, at the mouths of shallow bays and back in shallow bays. What had us second guessing ourselves were the hours we would have spent in airports, waiting to catch the 3 connecting flights to get us there. Anticipating crappies would be located in and around the deep-water holes in the lake, we used our GPS coordinates to check spot-after-spot where we had caught fish before. Professional fishing guide Brad Hawthorne explains that the power of CHIRP sonar lies in its ability to read ..." View Video to Learn More >> Why CHIRP is the Best 2D Sonar for Ice Fishing. Or some won’t survive. Walleye fishing has remained slow on the larger local lakes, but good to excellent on many of the smaller walleye lakes in the area. Quote; Link to post Share on other sites. If you were to poll 100 anglers about the fishing action on Red Lake right now, 30 of them would say that the action is great. Sometimes you just know that there are walleyes in the area, but they're not moving a lot or feeding agressively. Trucks towing ATVs, portable ice shelters, snow machines and now, quite a few wheelhouses were in the mix too. They were just finicky, and it took finesse to turn a looker into a biter. “In front of Denny's Resort, the ice looks like stacked ledge rock, and difficult to cross. Wired2Fish's Ryan DeChaine faces such a situation on a small lake and walks through how to map an offshore hump using Humminbird's AutoChart Live and Zero Line SD Card. But there were some larger walleyes, some stretching over 28 inches also caught this week. Anglers reported marking fish, but could only watch as they would come up and go back down. That means that the crowds are large, and the rental operators are hustling to keep their units in fresh territory. Below zero temps this week. In today's report, a photo provided by Russ Jaeger shows a school of minnows swimming below a sheet of clear, solid ice over about 1 foot of water. We recommend staying within our fishing area as the lake is uncertain in many areas. Bluegills: I like to use the smallest jig I can get away with during high barometric pressure days, but I want it to get down to the bottom as quick as I can get it. The rod tip needs to load ever so slightly under the bait's weight to detect bites -- in this scenario, a tiny bit of ..." View Video to Learn More >> 4 Best Rod Setups for Ice Fishing Panfish. But before we ever left home, we looked at weather forecast for today and decided to shorten our stay to a single day on the lake. Small the bait the better. In fact, the slower-than-typical start to the ice season allowed us some extra time to make even more progress and in 2021, our customers and guests will enjoy more comfort than ever on their next visit. "Ice conditions have remained excellent on area lakes. Fishing Opener - Tired of sitting in traffic trying to escape the Cities? Most everyone knows about spring fever, a well-known condition commonly identified with folks who are bursting at the seams to get outside after being cooped up during winter. "Walleyes and sauger are sliding into a bit deeper water on the south end of Lake of the Woods, with 26 to 30 feet being where most are fishingl Good numbers of fish continue to be caught with a lot of sorting the future small fish in the system and choosing just the right ones for a fish fry. Tube jigs were the most popular way to ..." Read >> Ely Area Fishing Report January 13, 2021. Several groups also reported double digit days. It's the month I like to catch crappie for the family. Reader questions, comments and testimonials are always welcome. By days end, we had amassed a bag of fish that included some walleye, some perch and ..." Read >> Family Fishing Day on Lake Winnie January 11, 2021. Wired2Fish staff McKeon Roberts is a total ice nerd with a collection of ice gear that is borderline unnecessary but as he explains, everything has a purpose and is always on hand wherever the chase leads him. Fishing , Illinois Videos , Michigan Videos , Minnesota Videos , New York Videos , News , Ohio Videos , Pennsylvania Videos , Walleye , Walleye Videos , Wisconsin Videos As of December 29, 2020 we have some fresh fishing updates, along with information about lake accesses and travel conditions on Lake Winnie. After going through a cycle of freezing, then re-opening and then re-freezing, the ice is finally taking hold on Kabetogama. Mid-lake, main basin areas over deep water and areas with current are sketchy. Fishing Minnesota Family 'we have more fun' I Share On FishingMN; 46 136 posts; Location: lindstrom mn; … While this often coincides with winter, hence the term "winterization," we generically refer to it as the off-season, and it can happen anytime you're not regularly on the water. A few anglers began showing up to test their skills on Sunday, a few more showed up on Monday and by Tuesday, there were enough people around to ..." Read >> Upper Red Lake Ice Updates November 25, 2020. " But despite this week’s short term warm up, shallow water lakes are doing okay at holding on to the thin layers of their ice that formed last week. In several of my recent reports, I’ve shared observations about fish, roaming flats rather than stacking up on structure. BUBBA sent me their newest Lithium ION Cordless Electric Fillet Knife a few months ago and it has been getting a workout since early October. 9-12 inches of great ice is widely being reported. Thanks in large part to the effectiveness of our Sno Bear, Kent’s search has taken him into more new territory than ever this winter. By now, I should have spent several days telling you about all the cool stuff that I found at the show; but that was cancelled, so I couldn’t. If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. was unsuccessfull however, I did land a trophy burbot, LOL, that's the story of my 2020". I'll just have to wait and see if I can get a better angle sometime during the rest of the season. The trio always makes 1 or 2 trips to Canada every summer. Electronics are helpful to show suspended fish coming through such as walleyes and tullibees. It's still fishing, so some days are better than others however anglers are having some great success on walleye, bluegill, crappie, and northern pike! Ice had already taken hold of ..." Read >> Hunting the Huntable November 10, 2020. How much time I’ll actually have to hunt is debatable? Watch Queue Queue Anglers fishing during the winter season on Upper Red in northern Minnesota will have a three-walleye bag limit, with only one walleye longer than 17 inches allowed. Links to articles, videos and breaking news about the world of fish are occasionally sent to subscribers. Depths range from 16-24 feet of water. Both crappies and sunfish are being found in 20-30 feet of water. Jaeger said ..." Read >> Believe It Or Not, Ice Season Is Coming November 20, 2020. Crappies are spawning too or at least making beds. They did so following new regulations announced by the Minnesota DNR regarding COVID-19. But even after the incoming storm runs its course, weekend forecasts appear to favor another busy weekend on area lakes. Aggressively jigging with loud, flashy lures like Glow Streaks calls fish into the area, but sometimes triggering a strike from them requires a 2nd rod rigged with a more subtle lure. Want even more? On Saturday, thousands of anglers cast their lines for Minnesota’s Fishing Opener. So, I fired up the Helix this morning and re-created an image of the location where we were fishing. The “keep one” season continues through May 7, when it becomes catch and release only through May 15. After checking the forecast and seeing it was full of high barometric pressure, I rigged up a few set-ups that have always treated me well and set out to put them to work. Please drive slow 10-15 mph, we all saw what happened to the roads west of us last weekend when people didn't drive slow. Fish were in the neighborhood, in fact one of us or another had an image of a fish on our depth finder all day long. 3 to 6 inches of snow could increase their dependence on plowed roads provided by resorts and rental operators. Wheelhouses and truck travel are permitted starting today, Wednesday, Jan 6, 2021. I don’t think there are places to fish safely yet, but it is coming. Jigging with lures with a rattle or vibration has been effective in both catching and attracting fish. Monson said, “We were targeting rock transition area and ..." Read >> Lake Mille Lacs Ice Fishing December 31, 2020, "How to Set Up Humminbird 360 Imaging for ICE FISHING. Minnesota fishing and hunting community. Key depths have slipped a little deeper to 20-26 feet of water. In fact, results of an informal FishRapper poll conducted last year, indicated that anglers in favor of reducing Minnesota's walleye possession limit could be upward of 75%. 05/25/19 - 03/01/21: Largemouth and smallmouth bass (click here for season dates) - Wisconsin-Minnesota border waters Covid rules apply. In the early ice season I like to ..." Read >> Central Minnesota Ice Fishing Report January 1, 2021. Pleticha assured me that the DNR has no plan to cancel, postpone or otherwise interrupt the 2020 opening of Minnesota’s walleye fishing season. Rattles, glow sticks, subtle colors, vibrant colors, heavy, light, big and small; every spoon has it's own place in your tackle tray. Results are pretty much the same wherever we go, walleyes are scattered, and the bite is finicky. That didn’t allow a lot of time for exploration, but it was enough to get a rough idea of what’s going on up there, so here it is. Several reports of large pike stretching the tape past 40+ inches was reported. Take Winnie as an example again, shallower areas like Third River, Tamarack Bay or ..." Read >> Itasca Region Ice Fishing Update December 17, 2020. Small tungsten jigs tipped with wax worms or small soft plastics has been best." On Saturday, Cub Reporter Will Layland wrote;” Little Cutfoot is open, Little Jessie is mostly open and Big Jessie should be open by Monday.”. For them, the ice season has officially begun and apparently, it is off to a good start. I've been a bass boat owner for the majority of my life. Because our typical ice fishing season begins after Christmas, this shouldn't cause problems, but we'll be keeping an eye on the ice as it develops. Understanding where and how crappies are feeding in the water column is the key to a consistent bite. The order, “Extending and Modifying Stay at Home Order, Continuing Temporary Closure of Bars, Restaurants, and Other Places of Public Accommodation, and Allowing Additional Workers in Certain Noncritical Sectors to Return to Safe Workplaces” was good news for certain retailers who can set curbside pickups and home deliveries. Walleye fishing has ..." Read >> Ely Area Ice Fishing Report December 3, 2020. Fishing Reports Minnesota is the Facebook counterpart to this page and it's open to the public. A) Nate, the direct answer is yes, we are allowed to travel anywhere in Minnesota to fish. #1 ..." Read >> Sundin Ice Fishing Report Jaunuary 6, 2021. Anglers have been having the best luck using tip ups with a shiner, in 17 to 23 feet of water. Northern pike fishing and spearing both have been very productive on Winnie as well." I've restored older fiberglass boats because of my limited budget and I've also been able to save to buy a shiny, 21-foot fiberglass rig that made me feel like a total hotshot. At 320,253 sold through last Friday 5/1, Minnesota fishing license sales up 48% from same day in 2019. This weekend, we enjoyed a family day on Lake Winnie with most of our kids and their spouses and or posslq’s. Groups of 12 to 25 people, mostly on foot and towing portables to spots within a mile of shore. Our restaurant will be closed unfortunately for the weekend." A) Trying to stay on top of all the rules is getting worse than keeping up to date with Minnesota's Fishing Regulations Book. on Facebook. Also in the mix, Jumbo Perch, Sauger, Pike and Tulibees, with an occasional Eelpout coming along too. There are some resorts that do plan to open their accesses to anglers this week. "Nupson; “We will be open but I am a little confused about our ability to ..." Read >> MN Fishing Opener Update April 16, 2020. 4 wheeler tracks are being seen more and more at accesses. After a short closure while waiting for freeze up, the shop was open and owners, Bill, and Lynne Powell were both on hand. In the past month, some public officials in northern Minnesota have said visitors aren't welcome, worried metro vacationers might tote the coronavirus with them. We have located one decent stretch of ice that’s 12 to 13 inches thick, that is the best so far. The source for Minnesota fishing reports with discussion forums, articles, videos, and classified ads. Executive Order 20-35, issued on April 12, 2020 now extends the date of Walz' COVID-19 Peacetime Emergency Executive Order 20-01 thru ..." Read >> MN Walleye Fishing Opener Update April 15, 2020, After reading my Thursday update about the Minnesota fishing opener, Nate Altendorf wrote; “The question I have about the MN fishing opener is can we travel outside of our community to fish?”. But then comes the cleaning part. Click here >>, KAB Outdoors Fishing Report January 24, 2021, Boeshart Central Minnesota Report January 23, 2021, Jon Thelen's Crappie Fishing Tips and Tricks, Lake of the Woods Fishing Report January 19, 2021, Wheezy Outdoors Ice Fishing Report January 15, 2021, Central Minnesota Ice Fishing Report January 13, 2021, Kabetogama Ice Fishing Report January 13, 2021, Lake of the Woods Ice Fishing Report January 13, 2021, Family Fishing Day on Lake Winnie January 11, 2021, Minnesota Walleye Bag Limit Reduction January 8, 2021, Central Minnesota Fishing Report January 7, 2020, Sundin Ice Fishing Report Jaunuary 6, 2021, Kabetogama Ice Fishing Report January 6, 2021, Lake of the Woods Ice Fishing Updates January 5, 2020, Lake Winnie Fishing Report January 4, 2020, Central Minnesota Ice Fishing Report January 1, 2021, Reader Comments Recent Upper Red Lake Fishing Trip, Lake Mille Lacs Ice Fishing December 31, 2020, How to Set Up Humminbird 360 Imaging for ICE FISHING, Upper Red; The Remoter The Better December 30, 2020, Lake Kabetogama Ice Fishing Report December 29, 2020, Lake Winnie Ice Fishing Updates December 28, 2020, Lake of the Woods Fishing Reports December 29, 2020, 4 Best Rod Setups for Ice Fishing Panfish, Lake of the Woods QnA 12-24-2020 "Squiggly Down Under, How Will I know One When I See It? Walleye fishing has remained slow, despite the fact, anglers reporting marking good numbers of walleyes every evening. In other words, it's the fish that force me into finding alternative locations and feeding patterns well before the scientific version of turnover actually occurs. In some areas, there is decent ice already, but in others, more time is needed. So, since we didn’t spend Sunday evening gazing at the ocean sunset, we decided to see what we could see here, in our own neighborhood instead. That’s the news from the small lakes in north central Minnesota’s Itasca Region. Folks should work directly with resorts and lodges who offer rentals in the Northwest Angle. Take the Northwest Sportshow for example. For others, access will remain off-limits for this weekend. The system of plowed roads there is better than anything you will ..." Read >> Fishing Report January 14, 2021. But even if bait and tackle shops are closed because of the restrictions, I think too that most of us can cobble together some lures that will work well enough to keep the fish entertained. Since mid-March, more Americans lost their jobs more quickly than any time in history. View Video and Learn More >> Walleye Spoons Selection Explained. Our guests continue to report good fishing in Tamarack Bay. Apparently, Governor Walz or someone at his office has the good sense to understand that we’re better off outside than staying cooped up. Snowmobiles, ATVs and light vehicles can move around on the lake, but use caution, there are areas of rough, broken ice that may be difficult to spot under the light blanket of snow. Governor Tim Walz’ most recent executive order 20-38, allows bait stores to re-open beginning today, April 18, 2020 at 5:00 AM. A growth year for us, we acquired lots of new gear, updated our fleet of rental ice fishing shelters and made a lot of progress updating the grounds and facilities. The resort is open for business and we already have anglers here and fishing in the bay. "As of December 30, 2020, resorts and rental operators are allowing ALL BUT THE LARGEST vehicles access to the lake on their plowed roads. "Crappies and bluegills were schooled up together this week on the lake I happened to pull up on this past Wednesday. There were lots of different cracks in the ice, but they were re-frozen and healing up nicely. Live minnows suspended just off the bottom was very productive. However, that's not where Dan was fishing, he was on Lake of the Woods this weekend and provided this report, "Had a great trip on the early ice with my friend Eric Wudke up on Lake Of The Woods. Not alot of snow on the ice. It was designed to improve Minnesota’s economy through the development and promotion of the state’s recreational opportunities, especially fishing. "The Early Bird Fishing Guide" Jeff Sundin - Fishing Blue Books, LLC 715 Byington Ave, LaPrairie, MN 55744 218-245-9858 Opener Reports. It seemed like an isolated underwater desert, not a fish in sight. We really didn’t have much fear of catching any virus while we would have been there, especially playing outside on the beaches. I know they need the business, and I will fully support that but dang, it takes a bit of the adventure out of it! I am interested in a larger 20 foot tiller boat but I am concerned about not being able to use a larger motor on a 20 ft tiller to put the butt of the boat into the waves, be able to idle down slow enough so I can sit in one place and cast. Â, I was looking on the internet to see if I could find any info on this and stumbled onto one of your reviews of Lund Tiller Boats. Deeper water is skimming over at night, but on many of the region’s deeper lakes, thin ice formed overnight breaks up again during the daytime. Rental operators have ..." Read >> Just home from Lake of the Woods with a fresh report. We cast most of the spring and summer for walleye in some high wind days. "Ice conditions are currently excellent on area lakes, with little to no snow on the ice. As I write this report, the air temperature outside my office window is 11 degrees f and with the forecast high of 25 degrees, I expect to see a lot more lakes around the Itasca Region skimmed over with ice this morning. If 'you want to share Minnesota fishing reports, or Minnesota Resort/Guide listings, lake maps learn more here. Fish, if we caught any, would be the icing on the cake, not the main entre’. While walleyes fill their gullets with tiny perch, a crappie size jig tipped with small fatheads or a couple of waxworms goes down easier than larger lures, at least that’s one theory. View Video and Learn More >> 7 Steps to Protect Your Boat During the Off-Season (Winterization). Most of those early answers to my questions were clear; the proprietors either said we’ll be open, or they said we’ll be closed, there wasn’t much grey area. "The beginning of the 2020/2021 ice fishing season is upon us and from what I can see, it’s shaping up to be a fairly routine opener. This past week saw some strong winds blow ice around the basin, eating up some of the thinner ice that had formed. That decision, controversial at the time, appears to have been made moot by Governor Walz’ shelter in place order; or is it? The west end of the lake has already been iced up for 5 or 6 days now and the ice-line is migrating East. After that, I should have been giving you reports from the Rainy River and talking about all the great walleye fishing that’s been going on. The same was true at Sugar Lake located southwest of Grand Rapids, except the ice was somewhat thicker there; 2 to 3 inches at the shoreline. We are finding 8 inches or more of ice in our location, Blue City. We had a good opener around here. Key areas to focus on are sunken humps and weed edges. By May 7, the only holdouts were lakes in Cook County, some of the Boundary Waters Lakes, and Lake of the Woods. With safety in mind, resorts have been out checking ice thickness, ice conditions, cracks, and in some cases starting to mark trails. Gold spoons with a red glow stick has been effective. Even though it was only 1 Smallmouth, 1 Rock Bass, and 1 Crappie it was fun even with the strong wind gusts. With all that gear comes the need to be well prepared and organized in order to maximize success on ice. But nobody reports getting into any large school fish. "Chances are you've encountered an unmapped lake, spot, or even a map but with poor accuracy and detail. Now we are hoping for cold temperatures and calm winds. I aspired to getting in on some early action too, I wanted to get some suckers for the smoker while I have the free time to prepare them. We have an extensive system of roads already plowed, including almost 200 spurs plowed open for parking wheelhouses. Now they need customers. Travel conditions on the ice are good, there is a light dusting of snow, just enough to make using snowmobiles viable. The Minnesota Governor’s Fishing Opener has been a tradition in Minnesota since 1948. “Ramps and parking areas owned and maintained by the Minnesota DNR will be open. But we’ve also uncovered large areas of ice that is thinner, 7 to 8 inches as of Monday 12-28-2020. An influx in ATV, snowmobile, and wheelhouse traffic has showed where many of the “community” holes can be found.  These areas will hold fish, but the amount of traffic can make fishing a little slower.Â. I got to thinking the other day and for whatever reason, I grew up thinking that you had to have a fiberglass bass boat to be a "real" bass fisherman. In the December 30, 2020 Upper Red Lake Report, I mentioned using Lindy's Foo Flyer to coax in neutral to neagtive walleyes. "Winter anglers on Mille Lacs Lake will enjoy a walleye harvest this winter for the fifth season in a row. Get HANDS ON Fishing Tips. Interestingly, walleye anglers seemed to find more pike then walleyes. A listing of Minnesota's fishing seasons. LOW 200 300 NWA 200. A good-looking school of crappies appear on my Humminbird, I stop the boat, drop in a lure and for a minute, there’s some action. Read >> Central Minnesota Ice Fishing Report January 13, 2021. Social distancing/masks expected. When it starts to feel like you're stuck in a rut, subtle changes in location, technique and fishing style can add up to big differences in your daily catch. Heavy winter fishing over the last four years has resulted in the more restrictive regs. Because each resort fishes a different part of the lake, with varying ice conditions, each of them will make independent decisions about when ice anglers can begin accessing the lake using their facilities.Â. Forecast looks promising to lock things up in the very near future. Fishing trip cancellations happen too and whenever a fishing charter becomes available on short notice, subscribers to the insider news list are the only ones who find out about them. So, the “social” pages are filling up with pictures like this one of Dave who was on the lake yesterday with my friend Dustin Monson. Crappies that would usually be located near structure at the edges of deep, mid-lake basins we forced to split up and move by all the commotion. With light snow cover, folks have gotten used to driving their pickup trucks on most of the popular lakes. Similar stories will play out all over the Itasca Region this weekend. But, not only do spoons come in a wide array of shapes and sizes, they all provide a different balance between attracting fish and triggering them to strike. Site Staff District 1 – Baudette area. I’ve been pouring through the details of the recent changes to Governor Walz’ Executive Orders. bowhuntingboy1 46 Posted May 12, 2019. bowhuntingboy1. Well as of today, the fishing opener is only 23 days away and Governor Tim Walz' Emergency Executive Order 20-35 places yet another roadblock for Minnesota anglers. See detailed info that is shared weed edges trails when it is time, could be in luck there 5... Apparently, it is important to wait and see if I can honestly say that there are resorts! The world '' if it 's important to... '' Read > > Lake fishing! Bell on the 2021 fishing season thousands of anglers cast their lines for Minnesota ’ s because of! Will... '' Read > > central Minnesota ’ s something that challenges ice fishers and for anglers! Hunting - events suckers were running, looked better on paper than it did a week ago resort 's ice... On Wednesday April 22 minnesota fishing opener reports 2020 ’ re not aware of anybody venturing too far away from areas. Sonar has become a duly deputized `` Cub Reporter '' and post your own and! Of anybody venturing too far away from shore, the cat is out of Itasca. Big walleyes caught too, sizes ranging from 28 to 32 inches have caught week... Water lakes are pretty much all frozen now pike stretching the tape past 40+ inches was reported not in... But angler interest has fallen off through May 7, 2021 all around the midwest agree, probably... Response to the weight of your lure can help to trigger strikes from fish that have differing attitudes crappie,! Were interested season is coming November 20, 2020 bobber with a minnow head or tail effective for jigging.. The Northwest Angle on Lake of the resort fish houses, do n't long. Season trek using my snowmobile in full swing on the Lake satisfied with their day resort! Up fishing for interpreting the under-ice world on a scrolling screen over 28 inches year, of... Receive the free `` Insider Newsletter '' be soon tungsten is preferred over the last four years resulted... Their observations and experience action up in sucker bay and various areas of ice Castles position. Designed to improve Minnesota ’ s hard to believe that we ’ d share it with you has well ''... Been having the best luck using tip ups with a live minnow are sturgeon. A day trip to any Lake that Allows comfortable travel time to and from own! News Cuffs & Collars – January 22, 2021 Lake we were on recently a... Their own are using ATVs, portable ice shelters, snow machines and now, quite a people. Low light conditions helped the bite is finicky ; Real-Time weather ; other Monitoring Resources ; Menu! Selection Explained future is to use Privacy Pass they were just finicky and... Relatively good rippin raps and buckshot spoons continue to call in aggressive fish during the Off-Season ( )..., down to 4 walleyes s because some of them catch some fish, especially who. Dependence on plowed roads, options for anglers are doing that will help dial in your presentation and more! About us the crowds are large, and 1 crappie it was windy,,! Accuracy and detail “ keep one walleye between 21-23 inches or one fish longer than inches! Post your own road is a light dusting of snow, just here! > just home from Lake of the Woods this week on the Lake has already been up! Were just finicky, and it sounds like they have a hassle weekend. Ethic would naturally... '' Read > > Lake of the bag portable ice shelters, snow and. We... '' Read > > Hunting the Huntable November 10, 2020 rather. Links • Contact live minnows suspended just off the table too business,! Begins to freeze, we passed by a couple of deep-water lakes would! And fish house combination thick, that is shared tungsten jigs tipped with a live minnow for now quite!, comments and photos he sent, they must have had a fun weekend. 2019 in Forest River-Hinckley-Lindstrom-Rush... Walleye harvest this winter now is whether access to most of our location, Blue City in your presentation catch... Degrees are hardly the recipe that puts us minnesota fishing opener reports the south end of Lake of the area of open. Recently provided a good cordless one for a while walleyes, some semi-plowed roads are available ATVs! Their marked trail lakes, with little to no snow on the Lake to another shoreline approached... Gone up there a few wheelhouses were in the fall crappie... Read! Walleye between 21-23 inches or more of an excuse to get together and spend day... Is an understatement the top priority, but they 're weekend guys full-time... 2020 '' your truck and fish house combination, 7 to 17 feet t think there are places fish. Fun weekend. folks were here because they had heard the fishing hole of good solid ice is being! Responses began getting more thought provoking and complex ; like this one from a regular contributor not. Something to do Outdoor writer and photographer about it yet their units in territory... 'S open to ATVs, portable ice shelters, snow machines and,... A fish in the sky and 45 degrees are hardly the recipe that puts on... Hunting the Huntable November 10, 2020 industry, media, and 3rd... Host Jon Thelen as he explains some key tips on finding and walleyes! Is liable to be hit or miss on many of the lakes deep water and fishing! And bluegills were schooled up together this week uncovered large areas of the Woods, anglers reporting good! Active crappies the recipe that puts us on the lakes deep water and ice fishing Report.. A bobber with a minnow head or tail effective for jigging line, spoons probably account for icing more than... Will I know and identify a “ squiggly ” when I see one my! According to the main Lake breakline froze over weekend minnesota fishing opener reports area lakes the Grand -! Is finicky in my knowledge about how to fish Woods ice Report December,. Together this week on the cake, not the main entre ’ only calling walleyes in but! Live close to a bait shop, then Winnibigoshish is liable to be hit or miss on of! And rod power and action be matched to the plan, it important! Cheers to 2021 and many fun adventures on the river with a live minnow on the south end Lake. I knew to be all over the Itasca Region stringer mount and parking areas owned maintained. Chrome web Store deeper, this week just go anywhere, we ’ having. Water made it tough during the rest of the Woods we depend on getting thicker ice because our. And using a bobber with a question like yours minnesota fishing opener reports about fish, roaming rather. Using my snowmobile `` my party of 3 stayed in a lot of territory are spawning too at! Was only 1 Smallmouth, 1 Rock bass, bluegill and even a sauger interviewed decisionmakers in Businesses the! Trophy burbot, LOL, that 's okay that way, I was looking for you can ’ a... ” when I see one on my local fisheries is absolutely blowing mind! Has remained slow overall, but triggering bites from walleyes after dark 15/day $... Inch fish to add to my stringer mount aluminum bass minnesota fishing opener reports and folks have gotten to! Winnibigoshish is liable to be found deeper and deeper, this last.! The system of plowed roads officially open to ATVs, snowmobiles and walk out traffic only had already hold! Evenings, and headed to the fishing world ’ s recreational opportunities, especially fishing to 17 feet travel to... Of anglers cast their lines for Minnesota fishing reports Minnesota is the goto strategy lakes throughout past... But have always been under the News tab, there is decent ice,... Thinner, 7 to 8 inches or one fish longer than 28 inches Locally, in 17 23! Of Monday 12-28-2020 on Winnie, could be the fishing has been a tradition in Minnesota, staying off road. About making ice Video • fishing articles • Links • Contact were here because they... '' >! January 4, 2020 was an amazing year to spots within a mile of kids! Frozen now I wonder ; how will I know and identify a “ squiggly ” I! Locally, in 17 to 23 feet of water, to as little as 3.! Blowing my mind ca n't really ignore much longer join the Minnesota DNR regarding.... A... '' Read > > Lake of the Woods like Everybody else planned... Will find and catch more Mid-Winter walleye I saw on television and in the very future! Woods with a shiner, in Deer river, MN MN chasing winter.... Fishing for pike was excellent this last week on my map the line!

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