I Paint Today Art Gallery

A collection of our artwork available for acrylic painting, oil painting, workshops, paint and party classes, family paint and craft, and private events and parties.  Artwork for children’s parties and events (and anyone still young at heart) are below.  Please click on the image to see the name and stage of the class.  All I Paint Today classes will be held at the Makay Art Center unless otherwise stated.

Evening Whale Watch: Stage II (Good for Painting Parties)Floral Bright: Stage III (Workshop or Course Painting)Dove and Lotus (Can be painted without words): Stage I (Great for Bridal Showers)Spectacular Sunsets: Stage I (Nice EASY Painting Party Painting)Whimsical Windy Evening: Stage I (Easy Painting to learn simple tree structure)A Cosmos Walkway (Abstract)-Stage IIWhen Flowers are Wild: Stage I (Painitng PartyPainitng)Perfectly Poised Poppies: Stage III Texture Paint WorkshopFloral Bouquet: Stage II (Painting Party Painting:Acrylic Palette Knife Painting)A Picturesque Palm- Stage IWindy Wild Flowers: Stage I (Painitng Party Painting)Vibrant Daisies: Stage ICool Jazz I: Stage IIWild Brilliant Freedom (abstract): Stage INestled Palm Trees: Stage IIPoppy Passion Fantasy Stage III Texture Paint WorkshopPoised Precious Plum Blossom Purity: Stage IIGhostly Bats Haven: Stage II Northern Lights Blue Brilliance: Stage IICouples Love Doves: Stage IINorthern Lgiht Spectacular: Stage I (Painting Party Painting)Acrylic-A Bright Beach Day: Stage IBeautiful Bonsai: Stage ICherry Blossom Path: Stage IOceanside Serenity: Stage 1Roses a Plenty: Stage ICat World: Stage I Fall Beauty: Stage IIBruins Rock!: Stage IIRaimond the Ringmaster: Stage IIIPete the Poodle: Stage IIICool Jazz Silver III: Stage IIIA Cold Winter's Night 2: Stage IIA Warm Cabin on a Cold Winter's Day: Stage IIIJack Snow: Stage I
The Regal Peacock: Stage III (Great for Acrylic Painting Workshop and Courses)Old West Desert Cactus: (Fun for Kids and Adults-Great for Parties)Majestic Sunset: Stage II (Great Workshop and Course Work Painting-Only 2 brushes and 2 techniques)Bold Tulips: Stage II (Easy way to learn flower petal structure)Cherry Blossom Wonder in Blue(Abstract): Stage IThe Woman in Black: Stage I (Painting Party Painting)Bold Beauty: Stage IiA Key West Sunset: Stage III (Painitng Party Painitng)Cool Jazz II Stage IIIA Brilliant Bonsai: Stage ICherry Blossom Wonder (Abstract): Stage IIPalm Tree Bliss-Stage IThe Mighty Oak - Stage IIAcrylic-Go Patriots!: Stage I for Painting PartiesA Perfect Rose Bouquet: Stage II (Workshop or Course Painting)Romeo Juliet Love Doves: Stage I (Painting Party Painting)Fabulous Fan of Northern Lights: Stage II (Painting Party Painting)Field of Tulips: Stage IIILove in Flight: Stage I Old Country Line Shack: Stage III (Workshop and Course Painting)acrylic-Waterfall Over The Wall: Stage III (Workshop or Course)Best Wishes For Balanced Life: Stage IICool Jazz III: Stage IIGuitarron the Mariachi Master - Stage IIIA Rainbow of Sailboats: Stage III (Workshop: Acrylic Palette Knife Painting)Rainbow Seascape: Stage III (Workshop or Course)Flaming Flamenco: Stage III (Workshop or Course)Flowers are Wild Pink: Stage IIIPuppy Pepper in the Cherry Blossom Tree: Stage IIoil-Whiteout Stillness: Stage II Oils CourseQuiet Winter Fence Post: Stage ICardinal's First Winter: Stage IIIPurple Winter Cabin: Stage IISnow Covered Stream: Stage I
A Sailing Prism: Stage I (Fantastic Painting Party Painting)Beauty of Fall: Stage I (Great Painting for small or very large Painting Parties)Reaching for the Sky: Stage I (Easy Painting-Helps overcome fear of paint)Cool Jazz III: Stage II (Learn to create a person from a stick figure-Nope! I'm not kidding-easy peezie!)Rainbow Rainy Beacon Street; Stage IISpicy Hot Stuff!: Stage IIRed Sox Rules: Stage I Boating Expedition: Stage ICharles River at Dusk: Stage IAutumn Country Road: Stage IIA Perched Love Dove: Stage Ioil-A Bright Beach Day: Stage I Oils Courseoil- Beautiful New England Ocean: Stage I Oils Courseoil-Lone Waters: Stage I Oils CourseOil-Evening Ocean Bliss: Stage I Oils Courseoil-Palm Cove: Stage II Oils Courseoil-Blue Aurora Mountain: Stage II Oil Painting Courseoil-A Bright Beach Day: Stage I Oils Courseoil-Brilliant Forest Waterfall: Stage III Oils Courseoil-Old Tattered Bridge: Stage III Oils Courseoil-Spectacular Cactus Sky: Stage II Oils Courseoil-Autumn Lake: Stage III Oils Courseoil-Old Fantasy Lighthouse: Stage III Oils Courseoil-Framed Mountain Ridge: Stage III Oils Courseoil-Geese Flying Free: Stage III Oils Courseoil-Palms By The Bay: Stage III Oils Courseoil-Springtime Splendor: Stage III Oils Courseoil-Geese Formation: Stage II Oils Courseoil by Christine: Stage II Oils CourseOil Painting Practice Skies: Stage IOil Painting Practice Trees: Stage Ioil-Winter Lighthouse: Stage I: Oils CourseSoft Spiritual Forest Existence: Stage IIFlorida's Palm Paridise: Stage IIIStylin' Snowman 2: Stage IA Winter Love: Stage I (Good for Private Party)A Warm Cabin on a Cold Winter's Night: Stage III
Party Glasses 2: Stage I (Great project for Family Paint and Craft-Good for Vases too!)New England in the Fall: Stage III (Many easy techniques-good as multiple class project)Benny and Birtha Bluebird: Stage II (Fun for kids and adults-Great for Painting Parties with varied ages)Mischievous Matt: Stage IScenic Tuscan Doorway: Stage III (Workshop or Course Painting)Vines and Blossoms Glass Painting: Stage IHearts Glass Painting-Stage IPainting Miniature Figure Ezra in Battle: Paint Crafting Butterfly Mask: Stage IKisses and Love Glass Painting: Stage IIScratch Crafted Skull Carousel Painting a MiniatureScratch Crafted Temple Ruin from Sponge-Fu: Paint CraftingThe Sorting Hat: Stage IIDeath Eater Mask: Stage IScratch Crafted Observatory-Re Purposed Material: Paint CraftingSponge-Fu Scratch Crafting & Re Purposed MaterialDragon Fly Glass Painting-Paint on a Glass too!: Stage IThe Perfect Pear: Stage IIGinkgo Trees in Bloom: Stage ISimple One Stroke Tulip Glass Painting: Stage IPetula Pumpkin: Stage IDaisy Glass Painting: Stage IILets Play Guitar: Stage IIIParty Glasses 1: Stage ICherry Blossom Vines: Stage IMeditation Mountain Cove: Stage IIIWinter Trees: Stage IIPainted Snowman Ornament: Stage ICeramic Ornaments (Designs Vary): Stage ISwirl Painted Ornament: Stage IChristmas Angel: Stage IPinecone Ornament: Stage I
The Artist Minion: Stage IWorking Minion: Stage IThe Snoopster!: Stage IChristmas Lights the Forest: Stage I Truck on a Beach: Stage IIIHolly and Candy: Stage IYou're Mine!: Stage ISanta's Sleigh: Stage IPeter Penguin: Stage I
Pokemon Kyogre: Stage IAugie the Alligator: Stage IOcean's Freedom (What sea creature will you paint?): Stage ICat World Red: Stage IBookworm Jack: Stage IIDolphy Dances Joyfully: Stage IHoratio Hooter: Stage IPot O' Gold: Stage IIOlaf Dancing: Stage IHunukkah Harry: Stage III
Oscar The Friendly Octopus: Stage ISleep Sam: Stage IICrazy Confetti Ice-Cream: Stage IPrecious Birdie and Her Bird Bath: Stage IIIOne Hot Jalepeno!: Stage IMermaid Exploration: Stage IHocus Pocus Witch's Bad Day: Stage IIStylin' Snow: Stage I
Oak By A Fiery Sunset: Stage ITurkey Gobbler: Stage IStarship Enterprise Next Generation: Stage IIPokemon Superior: Stage II Christmas Comfort: Stage IIIDreidel! Dreidel! Dreidel!: Stage ISmiley Snow with Paulie Pengie: Stage IIDreamy Elf: Stage IIOld Abstract Menorah/Candelabar: Stage III

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