Acrylic Landscape Painting Course for Adults

Acrylic Landscape Painting Course for Adults

Introduction to Acrylic Landscape Painting Course for Adults begins November 14th 2015. Join us Saturday mornings for 6 weeks.

adult acrylic landscape painting course Chelmsford MA

AGE RANGE: 18 and up

Registration Ends: Thursday November 12, 2015

CLASS SIZE*: (minimum 4; maximum 15)
DATE: November 14 – December 19, 2015 (Saturday Mornings)
TIME: 10:00AM-11:00AM
LOCATION: I Paint Today, 9 Acton Rd Suite 10, Chelmsford MA
TUITION: $150.00 (Includes all supplies needed in class.)

Painting should be a NO FEAR ZONE! This is an acrylic landscape painting course for adults age 18 and over. It is specifically designed to teach acrylic landscape painting techniques at a beginner level. It is designed to enhance skills and bring out your imagination and self-confidence. During this painting course you will experiment with a variety of elements, tools and methods to create acrylic works of art!

No experience necessary for this course. Never painted – not a problem!

Painted before but still want some basics -This course will work for you too!


This introductory course covers basic painting techniques with an emphasis on contemporary applications of acrylic landscape canvas painting.

The Objectives of this course provide acrylic landscape painting beginners…

The skills necessary to create simple but beautiful landscapes paintings

A knowledge of materials used in this technique

The tools and techniques used in this style of acrylic landscape painting

The basics of acrylic landscape painting through an engaging introduction

Topics include…

The use of composition

The proper use of a landscape color palette

How to create an illusion of texture

The concepts of form and value through acrylic landscape painting

The understanding of various acrylic brushes, their uses and proper care

By the end of this acrylic landscape painting course, you will have a basic understanding of these concepts and some basic tools used to accomplish your acrylic landscape painting goals.

Register Online Today!

Seating is Limited to ONLY 15 people.

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  1. Would love to go but lack transportation. Any way you can come to one of the studios in Lowell? It would be easier for me

    • Hi Debbie,

      Check your email. I just sent you a private email with various options.


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